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Receipt thermal paper rolls

Thermal paper rolls are widely used by businesses in every sector. They are different from standard printing papers as they change when exposed to them. This makes them a cheaper option as there is no need for any ink or cartridge. In this post, we will analyze BPA - free thermal paper, which is a type of thermal paper. You can buy BPA - free receipt thermal paper rolls due to the many benefits that we will cover in this post.

BPA, or Bisphenol, is a synthetic chemical used in several industries. A Russian chemist discovered it, and it is widely used in the manufacture of paper rolls. However, its usage raised some serious health concerns when several studies concluded that excessive exposure to BPA can lead to adverse effects on the body, such as affecting hormone production and the brain. Due to these health risks, businesses have started using BPA-free receipt thermal paper rolls to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals.

BPA is known to be an endocrine disruptor and is also associated with various health issues. What makes it a potent health risk is how easily it penetrates the skin. Hence, handling papers made of BPA can increase the levels of the chemical in the body as it easily rubs off. High levels of the chemical in the blood can disrupt endocrine and reproductive systems. It is also associated with heart diseases, obesity, altered thyroid function, impaired liver and kidney function, and hyperactivity.

BPA can have severe effects in men, like reduced libido, low sperm quality, and altered concentrations of sex hormones. In females, it can cause PCOS, increased risk of breast cancer, miscarriage, premature delivery, and infertility. Therefore, businesses are turning towards the best alternatives to this, i.e., BPA-free thermal paper, which is made of Bisphenol.

Another great option is BPS-free urea-based papers that do not have any hormone-altering side effects associated with extensive exposure to BPA and BPS. However, urea-based products are pricey. Hence, BPA-free thermal paper has taken the business sector by storm.

Pros of Using BPA-Free Thermal Paper

Environmentally friendly: sustainable energy and increased awareness of environmental conservation efforts have led businesses to look for environmentally friendly alternatives for various business options. Using BOA-friendly paper is one such solution through which companies can join the movement. Apart from humans, BPA can also harm animals and lead to increased abnormalities and cardiovascular system issues among aquatic animals.

Reduces health risks: Using BPA thermal paper increases exposure to harmful chemicals. Studies have shown that constant use of BPA receipt papers is likely to expose the person to 71 micrograms of BPA per day. BPA-free thermal paper can alleviate your customers’ and employees’ worries.

However, before you buy BPA-free thermal paper rolls, you should also consider the fact that it can cost you a bit more. So if you run a small business, BPA-free receipt paper can be expensive. Since it can reduce your profits significantly, it may not be a viable option if you want to reduce the cost of production. 

To Conclude

BPA-free receipt paper rolls are a great option for businesses that are looking for a healthy alternative for their employees. Not only does it limit your risk of being exposed to various health issues, but it also lets you contribute to environmental conservation.

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